challenge your body and your mind

With music pumping and the group pedling, your certified instructor will take you on a journey up hills, through sprints and down the flat road. In a well + fit cycling workout you  are led by instructors who help you push your limits and ride your best.

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Whether you are an avid cyclist or have never tired a class before, you will fit right in! Each class is led by an instructor who will guide you through your sessions by recommending levels of difficulty and moves to get your heart pumping but YOU choose what works best for you. 

You will be enjoying the ride on Keiser M3's. If you are new to cycling or to the bikes, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your class to meet the instructor and get help fitting your bike. 

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what's included

what to bring

  • ​​Changing areas

  • Cubbies and hooks for your belongings

  • Bottled and filtered water

  • Sweat towels​

  • Stretching area with foam rollers, p-knots, and rollers

  • Bathroom with shower, toiletries, and towels
  • Cold towels to cool you down after your ride
  • Cycling shoes or other hard sole athletic shoe

  • Full bottle of water if you'd prefer your own

  • Moisture wicking clothing - you'll be sweating!! Cycling shorts may make your ride more enjoyable

  • We have plenty of towels but feel free to bring your own

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Each cycling session will challenge you whether you are a beginning cyclist or an experienced rider. Our instructors will provide you with recomendations on how to get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring as you climb hills, ride the flats, and lose yourself in the music and momentum of the class. 

Choose the class that is right for you 

We love personal training, it's kind of our thing, because it not only allows you to be a better cyclist (true fact), but it also challenges you to strengthen all of the muscles that allow you to “do life" and feel good. Have you ever had to pick up something from the ground (squat) or walk (lunge) or sit up out of bed (oblique crunch)? You train every day; you just don’t think about it.
well + fit has been focusing on personal training – to train your body to do the things it already does, but stronger, better, faster, and for longer.
As soon as you thought it couldn't get better... it did! Join us for a full 45 minute cycling session followed by a 30 minute group strength training class in our adjoining studio to get everything you need all in one. 

Cycle + Sweat

Combine your cycling package with training sessions each month to save. 
Cycle + Sweat 8 = $152
5 cycling sessions, 8 small group training sessions

Cycle + Sweat 10 = $176
5 cycling sessions, 10 small group training sessions

Cycle + Sweat 12 = $200
5 cycling sessions, 12 small group training sessions

*Require autopay through credit or debit card. 

45 minute classes​​

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75 minute classes​​​

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